FAQ for students

Each WSB University student who has an account in the Virtual Dean's Office has an automatically created account on the e-learning platform. To run your user account on the OnlineWSB platform, just log in with the same login and password as in the Virtual Dean's Office.
On the OnlineWSB platform, you can search for a course by the name of the teacher in the Courses tab or by using the internal search engine by entering the course title.
To enrol in the e-course, log in to the platform, search for the course and use the password for self-enrolment - enrol in the course The full name of the course and the password for self-registration are provided to the students by the teachers conducting the classes. Passwords for self-enrolment for university-wide courses can be obtained during the introductory e-learning classes for all students starting studies at the WSB University, at the Dean's Office or via the help desk of the platform: pomoc.online@wsb.edu.pl.
If you are properly logged in to the OnlineWSB platform and after searching for a course you cannot enrol in it, check if the title of the course is correct. If the course title is correct, most likely you do not have the current password - the key for self-registration. Ask the teacher to verify your key or add you to the course.
If you do not have access to the platform, the platform does not work properly, you cannot access the course you are already participating in or if you suspect that your account is being used by unauthorized persons, report these facts to the platform administrator: pomoc.online@wsb.edu.pl .
To submit a task in the e-course, enter the task which you want to send the solution to and click the “Submit task” button.
To check your grades for the courses you are attending, search in the navigation tab for a course, select it, then use the Grades option and check your grades in the course grade log.
If a task, quiz or test do not work properly , there is a content error or incorrectness, report it to the platform administrator: pomoc.online@wsb.edu.pl along with a description containing the course title, link to the course, and error description by sending the screenshot of the screen with an error description . We respond to emails within two working days.
If in the course you are a participant of, you cannot complete a task, quiz or test, most likely the access to the task was limited in time and its validity date has expired. Only the e-course instructor can help you in this matter - ask him to provide an additional deadline or to allow you to complete the task in a different form.
To submit a file to a task, enter the task you want to send the solution to to the tutor, use the submit task option and attach the required file.
When logging in to the OnlineWSB platform for the first time, use the same login and password as in the Virtual Dean's Office. Remember that you must use the "university domain" button to log in. Check your internet connection, try logging in again in a moment. If the problem persists, report the matter to the platform administrator: pomoc.online@wsb.edu.pl describing the problem and attaching a screenshot with a visible message about the login refusal.
Last modified: Monday, 9 October 2023, 4:43 AM