The Centre of Modern Educational Methods and Technologies (CNMiTE)of the WSB University in Dąbrowa Górnicza is the unit responsible for the implementation of didactic classes using the e-learning method.

The main task of CNMiTE is to support e-learning at the University in three areas:
  • didactics
  • tools,
  • teaching resources.
The technical and organizational base for the operation of the e-learning system is the Remote Education Platform of the WSB Academy:
The administrator is responsible for the technical operations of the WSB Academy Remote Education e-learning Platform, and the IT Department is responsible for IT support, database synchronization, efficiency, durability and maintenance of the platform server and website.

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 Iwona Choncia
 CNMiTE Manager, e-learning expert
 Duty at the university in room 401 every Wednesday
 On Wednesdays 32 295 93 65,
 On other days 514 228 752

 Przemysław Stencel
 e-learning expert
 He is not on duty at the university

Wiktor Grzejdziak
Administrator of the platform
 He is not on duty at the university
887 755 440

Irena Kowalska-Drygała
Administrator of the; platform
Duty at the university in room 401
887 555 200

Maciek Dowgiel
 e-learning designer
 He is not on duty at the university
885 544 677

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