FAQ (for Lecturers)

When you cannot log in to the platform, your course is not working properly, you do not know how to add a resource or activity or set up a grading log, report the problem by e-mail: pomoc.online@wsb.edu.pl or contact the CNMiTE team directly in room 401 or by phone 32 295 93 65. We respond to emails within two working days.
Each academic employee of the university who has an account in the Virtual Dean's Office has an automatically created account on the OnlineWSB platform. In order to create an account on the platform for a non-teaching employee, it is necessary to contact the platform administrator: pomoc.online@wsb.edu.pl. The application should include the name and surname of the person for whom we are ordering the account, e-mail address and a brief explanation
Logging in to the OnlineWSB platform is possible in 2 ways. 1. After logging in to the Virtual University, select the e-learning platform tab in the page navigation panel. You will be automatically transferred to the user dashboard on the OnlineWSB platform. 2. Directly, in the login panel at https://online.wsb.edu.pl using the same login and password as for the Virtual University.
To start a new e-learning course: 1. Submit a proposal to conduct a course with the use of distance learning methods and techniques to the Dean using the application form. 2. Submit the application approved by the dean to the CNMiTE along with the syllabus containing the original program of the course. 3. Order an e-course on the OnlineWSB platform using the form: order a course. 4. Prepare an e-course scenario. Present your scenario to the CNMiTE methodologist. 5. After the scenario has been approved by the methodologist, you can start preparing e-content materials. You can count on the help of the Centre both at the stage of preparing the script and producing the content. 6. Before sharing your course with students, ask the Centre’s methodologist to verify and validate the e-content and technical settings of the course. The course will be automatically made available to students upon approval.
To start your e-course in the next semester, verify the master course template, make all necessary changes and modifications, and then use the order form on the OnlineWSB platform. The course will be queued and launched by the platform administrator within a few days and equipped with a password - the key to self-enrolment for students. You will receive an email with the course name and password. It is recommended to run only one e-course in a given subject in the academic year, regardless of the number of groups. Participants can be divided into groups as needed in the course.
When while preparing or modifying your e-course, you are considering which methods and techniques to use to teach effectively, what solutions to apply to make students feel motivated to work independently, how to moderate the e-course, use the support provided by CNMITE methodologists. Send your questions to Iwona Choncia by e-mail, by phone or make an appointment.
When preparing or modifying your e-course, you are wondering which e-learning platform tools to use, how to properly set up your grading log, use CNMiTE's support. Send your questions to Arkadiusz Stanik by e-mail, by phone or make an appointment.
Master Courses are basic courses, they are the source of e-content. Out of them, your e-courses are copied and launched in the following semesters. If you decide to change, modify your e-courses - always do it in Master Course. Master Courses are not visible to students and they cannot be enrolled in them.
To order a course, use the option: order a course on the OnlineWSB platform and follow the Procedure for starting classes conducted with the use of distance learning methods and techniques of the WSB University in Dąbrowa Górnicza.
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