OnlineWSB platform regulations.

Rules for using the e-learning platform at the WSB University.

  1. The rules apply to the e-learning platform available at and define the terms of using the platform.

  2. The basis for the proper use of the platform is access to the Internet and the possession of a web browser in any operating system, configured to handle and save cookies.

  3. Any additional system and application requirements result from the content of didactic materials and depend on the persons conducting the classes. It is the responsibility of the lecturers to inform the course participants about the detailed conditions of the course and any technical requirements before the start of remote classes.

  4. The platform user account is created by the administrator of the e-learning platform in the case of planning e-learning classes for a given user, based on information from the dean's office system. The account is active until the end of the curriculum at the WSB University.

  5. In the absence of the necessary access to the platform, improper operation of the platform, lack of access to the course or suspicion that the account is used by unauthorized persons, you should immediately report these facts to the platform administrator or a person designated by the platform administrator.

  6. The author and the person who conducts the course on the platform is responsible for the original materials included in the course.

  7. The lecturer examines all reports regarding the incorrect functioning of the course - technical problems are consulted with the platform administrator.

  8. A teacher conducting remote classes in a given semester is obliged to log on to the platform at least twice a week.

  9. It is forbidden to post on the platform any content that violates the rights of third parties, is offensive or vulgar, promotes violence, hatred, violates moral standards or decency. It is also forbidden to use the available means of communication in a way that causes loss of stability or overloading the platform. In case of breaking the above-mentioned rules, the user's account may be suspended.

  10. Prohibited content will be removed from the e-learning platform resources.

  11. The teacher specifies and notifies course participants about the scope of consent to duplicate or make available didactic materials placed on the platform.

  12. The user has the option to complete or correct the data in their profile. It is the user's responsibility to check the accuracy of the data constituting the user's profile, including ensuring that their e-mail address provided in the profile is up to date. Any additional information, specified in the profile as optional, the user enters or removes at their own request. 

  13. The WSB University shall not be liable for any damage caused by the use of data and information posted by other users of the platform, as well as the lack of access or irregularities in the operation of the platform resulting from reasons beyond the control of the WSB University.

  14. All help information related to the functioning of the platform is provided by its administrator. 

  15. The current content of these Rules is available on the WSB University e-learning platform. 

Last modified: Monday, 19 October 2020, 7:16 PM